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Swiss Review
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Doris Bernath Cunningham
5056 Monte Penne Way
Pahrump, NV 89061
+1 702 236 4410
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Who can send articles:

Anybody can send an article.

How to send articles:

A word-document by e-mail to above address is the preferred method. If possible, articles should be accompanied by pictures.

What kind of articles?

All articles must have a “Swiss-American connection”. This means they have to do with somebody or something Swiss in the US. Due to lack of space, shorter articles have a better chance of being published in the printed version of Swiss Review.


Pictures should be in jpg-format, 300 dpi or larger, so that they can be compressed to reach 300 dpi. Pictures on a computer screen have only 72 dpi and look just fine, but once in print, they look fuzzy!


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