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The old-age pension system of the future

What next for old-age and survivors’ insurance (AHV) and the second pillar? After lengthy political wrangling, parliament adopted the major pension reform bill. The Swiss people will now have the final say come autumn.

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Work for undocumented immigrants

Geneva has come up with an initiative known as “Papyrus” on the occupational integration of undocumented immigrants. It caused a stir nationwide and may soon be replicated.

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An interview with Francine Jordi

This radiant leading lady of show business is celebrating her 40th birthday. An interview with Francine Jordi on her studio work, setbacks on the Stadl-Show and her optimistic nature.

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120-meter-long painting

They were once quite commonplace but today somewhat of an oddity – Switzerland’s large-scale panoramic paintings are nevertheless enjoying something of a revival.

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“Birdly” – fly like a bird

Swiss company Somniacs has developed a system that simulates bird flight. There is tremendous interest in “Birdly” worldwide.

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