Free and automatic delivery of “Swiss Review” to the swiss abroad.

Since January 2010, “Swiss Review” has been delivered as an online edition as standard. This means that anyone whose e-mail address is registered with a Swiss representation will receive the magazine by e-mail unless they have expressly registered for the printed version.

In addition, only one copy of “Swiss Review” per household has been sent since April 2010. This measure has been generally welcomed and it is enabling us to reduce costs while also protecting the environment.

All entitled Swiss citizens abroad can receive their own copy of “Swiss Review”, either printed or online. To ensure you receive the next edition in the format you require, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • If you have not received “Swiss Review”: check with your Swiss representation (embassy/consulate) that your address has been registered correctly (postal or e-mail address). Contact details of the Swiss representations abroad.
    It is also possible to check this with the Helpline FDFA who is available around the clock 365 days a year.
  • You can catch up on any editions missed in the Archive section in the Editions menu.
  • If you wish to change the form of delivery of “Swiss Review” for yourself (from online to paper, or vice versa), you can do so via the FDFA's website. Please note that the change can only be made by persons registered as the head of the household, i.e. those to whom “Swiss Review” is currently addressed.
  • If registration online does not work, you can submit your change request directly to your Swiss representation.
  • Please contact your Swiss representation directly about all future matters concerning “Swiss Review”. The editorial team at “Swiss Review” does not have access to your address or administrative details.
  • To ensure that delivery runs smoothly, please inform your embassy or consulate immediately of any change of address (postal or e-mail).

Please follow these instructions to ensure you receive your copy of “Swiss Review” in the required format in future, whether that is printed or online.

Specifications on the “Swiss Review” online

You may have wondered why you keep receiving “Swiss Review” in printed form when you selected the online version.
It is possible that the e-mail in which we wanted to send you “Swiss Review” could not be delivered. In such cases, the representation changes your distribution profile and you will again receive the printed version. This way we ensure you continue to receive information.
Various reasons can explain the non-delivery of an e-mail but in most cases you can help us to resolve the problem:

  • The online version has been sent to an e-mail address that is incorrect or has expired. It is therefore important that you notify the Swiss representation where you are registered of any change of your e-mail as it has the sole authority to change the information in your file. If the representation has your correct e-mail address, you will of course receive the electronic version of “Swiss Review” again.
  • The mails which are blocked by your antispam filter are not delivered. Take a look at your “spam” settings and mark the e-mail so that it is recognized by the system.
  • The memory capacity limit of your e-mail provider has been reached. Empty part of your mailbox.

It could also be that you registered for the online version when the technical preparations for delivery had already been completed, i.e. around a month before distribution. Any change of distribution method carried out later cannot be taken into account for the next edition, which will therefore be sent in printed form. Registration for the online version will only take effect for the following edition.

Subscription to the «Swiss Review»

All Swiss Abroad who are registered with a Swiss representation receive the magazine free of charge (see column to the right). Anyone else can subscribe to the magazine for an annual fee.

The “Swiss Review” is edited six times a year. Subscription fees

  • CHF 0.– online version
  • CHF 30.– print version within Switzerland
  • CHF 50.– print version sent to other countries

Subscribe via e-mail
Please indicate your full adress, whether you would like to receive the print or the online version, and which language you prefer (English, German, French or Spanish).

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