Comments in “Swiss Review”: The rules

“Swiss Review” reports on events in Switzerland – and is keen to receive feedback from Swiss nationals living abroad. Therefore, your comments are most welcome. If you wish to post a comment, you must observe the following rules:

  • Comments must be signed with your real first name and surname as well as with a location (place/country of residence) to foster transparency and an open discussion culture. The editorial team reserves the right not to publish comments signed with pseudonyms.

  • Comments are not automated and thus not activated immediately: Every comment is read by the editorial team, edited formally and orthographically if necessary (so that the automated translation works) and manually approved. Comments are usually approved within one to three days.

  • The editorial team will delete openly racist, defamatory, discriminatory, slanderous, insulting and inflammatory comments or those which belittle entire communities and faith groups. The editorial team is liable for the texts that it publishes, including any comments on these texts – and therefore undertakes, for example, not to permit any racial discrimination (Swiss Criminal Code Art. 261bis) or defamation (Swiss Criminal Code Art. 173 et seq.).

  • The editorial team also publishes a selection of comments under the “Mailbag” section in the printed edition of “Swiss Review”. It reserves the right to abridge these comments.

  • No one has a right to publication. Therefore, comments containing product advertising or links to commercial, inappropriate, irrelevant or questionable content will not be published.

  • The editorial team of “Swiss Review” also looks forward to hearing from critical readers who comment frequently on articles. In the interest of maintaining a balanced reader response, it reserves the right not to publish every comment submitted by frequent writers.

Comment rules of “Swiss Review”, March 2019


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