Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

I am a Swiss Abroad and would like to receive a hard copy of the "Swiss Review". Who can I turn to?

If you wish to register for the printed edition of the "Swiss Review", please make the appropriate changes at or contact your Swiss representation where you are registered (embassy, consulate general).

I'm moving house. Who must I inform of my change of address?

If you are a Swiss Abroad, please inform your embassy or consulate only. For data protection reasons, the addresses of Swiss nationals resident abroad are managed exclusively by official representations.
If you are a paying subscriber, please inform us of your change of address via e-mail or by calling us (+41 31 356 61 10).

Can I receive "Swiss Review" in, for example, Rumanian?

"Swiss Review" is published only in the national languages of German, French and Italian as well as in English and Spanish.

Can I receive the English version in France?

We will be happy to send you an alternative language version of "Swiss Review" for an annual subscription fee of CHF 50.

Why do I have to pay for a subscription to "Swiss Review" (which is otherwise free) if I want a language version other than the one distributed in my country of residence?

Catering to the individual wishes of our readers entails high administrative costs (the copies need to be manually labeled and prepared for postage) as well as additional spending on postage. We are obliged to charge subscribers in order to cover some of these costs.

Why do Swiss living in Spain not automatically receive the Spanish version?

Because most Swiss in Spain speak German or French rather than Spanish. The language version depends on the language spoken by the largest group of Swiss nationals in the relevant country.

Can I also receive "Swiss Review" if I am not Swiss?

We will be happy to send you a copy in your preferred language. Please find more information in the left column of the "Subscription & Delivery" section of our website.

Can I also subscribe to "Swiss Review" in Switzerland?

Yes you can. An annual subscription costs CHF 30. Please find more information in the left column of the "Subscription & Delivery" section of our website.

I have written a comment on a “Review” article, but it has not appeared: Why?

Comments are not uploaded automatically but rather checked and manually activated by the editorial team of “Swiss Review”. This usually takes place within one to three days. Any comments with openly racist and offensive content will not be approved. Our detailed comment rules are available here.

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