Votes and Elections

The Federal Council determines voting proposals at least four months before the voting date.

Everything you need to know about voting proposals (voting pamphlets, committees, recommendations by Parliament and the Federal Council etc.) is available at or via the Federal Chancellery’s VoteInfo app.

On 18 March 2020, the Federal Council decided to postpone the federal popular vote scheduled for 17 May 2020. The COVID-19 epidemic and associated containment measures would have compromised the smooth running of the vote and the unrestricted formation of opinion, thereby putting in question the integrity of the exercise.

The Federal Council has decided that there will be five federal proposals submitted to the vote on 27 September 2020:

  • Federal Popular Initiative “For moderate immigration (Limitation Initiative)”;
  • Amendment of the Federal Act on Hunting and the Protection of Wild Mammals and Birds (Hunting Act, HuntA);
  • Amendment of the Federal Act on Direct Federal Taxation (DFTA) (Recognition of third-party childcare costs for tax purposes);
  • Amendment of 27 September 2019 to the Federal Act on Compensation for Loss of Earnings for Persons on Military Service or Maternity Leave (indirect counter-proposal to the popular initiative “For sensible paternity leave – that benefits the entire family”);
  • Federal Decree of 20 December 2019 on the Procurement of New Fighter Aircraft.

The list of pending popular initiatives is available in German at > Politische Rechte > Volksinitiativen > Hängige Volksinitiativen

The suspension of deadlines in relation to federal votes was not extended, with the collection of signatures consequently permissible again from 1 June 2020.

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  • Alfred Steiner, Sri Lanka
    Alfred Steiner, Sri Lanka at 23.08.2020
    Wahlen und Abstimmungen sind für mich in Sri Lanka kein Thema mehr.
    Früher sind die Unterlagen 1 Monat vor der Abstimmung da gewesen, seit etwa 2 Jahren leider nicht mehr.
    So würde aktuell mein Couvert zu spät in der Schweiz eintreffen.
    So habe ich mich im Stimmregister wieder austragen lassen, damit nicht unnötige Spesen entstehen.
    Ich warte, wie Viele auch, immer noch auf E-Voting. Nur so langsam habe ich die Hoffnung aufgegeben, dass das irgendwann Mal noch Realität wird.
    770'000 Auslandschweizer sind wohl nicht genug, damit man sich des Problems endlich ernsthaft annehmen könnte.
    Ob das wohl so gewollt ist, um uns, wie mit den Bankkonten abzusägen ?
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