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The online edition of the “Review” is being improved as part of an upgrade of the Organisation of the Swiss Abroad’s web presence. That is good news all round, even for those who prefer the “Review” on paper.

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OSA Director Ariane Rustichelli says the “Swiss Review” should secure the printed version while developing and improving the online version at the same time. Photo: Danielle Liniger

The “Swiss Review” is published in hard copy as well as online, and that will not change. However, as an exception, there will only be five printed editions of the “Review” in 2020. A sixth edition – scheduled for July 2020 – will only appear online. It will also be available to all readers of the printed edition who want to see what the electronic version is like, whether online, via our “Swiss Review” app or as a classical ePaper.

The one-off omission of the printed edition, approved by the OSA Executive Board, is not a cost-cutting measure. On the contrary, it is an expansionary measure as it frees up funds for a key modernisation of the organisation’s entire online presence. The current OSA, Swisscommunity and “Swiss Review” websites will be merged and aligned closely with the requirements of the Swiss community living abroad. This is a highly challenging technical and financial project that we aim to implement by spring 2021.

It will also make a material contribution to securing the future of the “Review” by enhancing the appeal of its online presence. That will benefit everyone who enjoys using online media. The improved online edition should also ensure no further increase in the print run of the “Review”, which is currently about 200,000 copies. This stabilisation will be key to retaining the printed version over the long term. That is the stated aim of the OSA directors and the “Review” editor-in-chief.

The absence of the “Review” from your postbox in June 2020 is thus ultimately a good thing for those who value the printed word. Moreover, this edition of “Swiss Review” shows that the OSA has no intention of diluting the scope of its reporting mandate, as it contains 40 pages as opposed to the usual 32. That is because there were so many topics that the editorial team wanted to report to the “Fifth Switzerland”.

Ariane Rustichelli, OSA Director

Marc Lettau, editor-in-chief

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