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Whether on paper or on a screen the content of the “Swiss Review” is always identical, regardless of its form. Photo: Thomas Schneider

Practical tips for switching

The “Swiss Review” is published both in printed form and in an online version. OSA, which is the publisher of the “Review”, wants to keep it this way. However, printing and shipping costs are an enormous expenditure item and shipping is not always the most ecologically sensible option. Those who appreciate the advantages of the electronic version are therefore advised to switch from print to online. By doing this, you will receive the “Review” earlier and have access to all content at any time and from any location. When doing so, it is important to report that you are switching! It does not help the environment or save costs if you read the electronic version of the “Review” before the printed version lands in your mailbox, only to throw it into the waste paper basket without having read it.

How do I switch?

  • The recommended way is to report the change from print to online to the Swiss representation in your country of residence. This can be done either by email or by letter.
  • Another option is to use the online desk of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), which was created for Swiss Abroad. Prior registration is required to use the online desk.
  • The last option is to send an email to However, in order to simplify the administration of change requests, the first two options are preferred.

Voluntary subscription fee

As important as it is for the “Review” to keep printing and shipping costs low, it is clearly commited to the printed edition. Readers who particularly appreciate receiving the printed edition are now able to support it with a voluntary subscription fee. Your support expressed in this way will help us to offer the “Review” on paper in the same quality for many years to come.

The bank details for the transfer of voluntary subscriptions are as follows (please note: cheques cannot be cashed):

IBAN: CH97 0079 0016 1294 4609 8

Bank: Berner Kantonalbank, Bundesplatz 8, CH-3011 Bern



BEKB Bern, Account 16.129.446.0.98

Organisation of the Swiss Abroad

Fao Mr A. Kiskery

Alpenstrasse 26, CH-3006 Bern

Reference: Support Swiss Review

Payments by PayPal:

Comments (10)
  • Katharina Chapman-Zürcher. Alfriston East Sussex England
    Katharina Chapman-Zürcher. Alfriston East Sussex England at 09.06.2020
    One of our teachers told us that Swiss who live abroad will eventually suffer from Heimweh. How right he was.
    I would love to come home more often But ... The Swiss Review is always a little piece of Heimat.
    Our planned School Reunion has been postponed due to. Maybe later this year?
    At 77 travel can no longer be taken for granted so I have to make the most of it.
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  • Angelina Florentino bucher, Phillipinen, Blk 16 Lot 10 Fiesta Communities Bgy. Calulut San Fernando Pampanga Philippines
    Angelina Florentino bucher, Phillipinen, Blk 16 Lot 10 Fiesta Communities Bgy. Calulut San Fernando Pampanga Philippines at 26.06.2020
    I always dreamed of returning to Switzerland although he is my second homeland but I miss Switzerland so much and do hope to return. The Schweizer Revue makes me feel at home with its
    news about home and hope that it will continue. Thank you so much
    for all the efforts in sending us news.
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  • Martin Bucher 155-2920 Vallyview Dr.Kamloops BC Canada V2C OA8
    Martin Bucher 155-2920 Vallyview Dr.Kamloops BC Canada V2C OA8 at 27.06.2020
    Martin Bucher BC Canada
    Da ich schon ueber 80zig bin sind meine Augen nicht mehr so
    gut mit dem Licht von dem Computer.Deshalb ist die gedructe
    Ausgabe viel besser fuer mich nicht so muesame als mit dem
    Computer.Sorry.Ich bin auch einer, der schon laengere Zeit die
    Revue nicht mehr erhalten hat.
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  • Monica Irgens, I now live in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA
    Monica Irgens, I now live in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA at 28.06.2020
    I love Switzerland. My parents are both Swiss and althought I have lived abroad most of my life, I enjoy and regularly visit Switzerland and keep in touch with family and friends.
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  • Trudy Bashara-Schmidhauser, Des Moines, Iowa USA
    Trudy Bashara-Schmidhauser, Des Moines, Iowa USA at 28.06.2020
    Vielleicht sollte die Revue einen Auslandschweizer im Team haben der unsere Anhaltspunkte erklärt und vertritt und interessante editorische kommentare erklärt die den in der Schweiz
    wohnenden Bürgern verschiedene punkte erklärt die mit den Ansichten von Ausland Schweizern
    manchmal sehr stark vertreten werden und es ist vielfach nicht ganz einfach diese seite ohne viel geduld unsere seite zu erzählen, den von vielen sitzhaften Schweuzer Bürgern werden wir ganz einfach als Ausländer klassiert.
    Nur noch einen punkt von wegen Abonnieren mit einem bestimmten Betrag inklusive spesen. Sind in einem fall versand kosten zu hoch, dann muss die Möglichkeit weiter besteht die Revue
    weiterhin online erhältlich ist.
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  • Norbert Weiss France 57890 Diesen
    Norbert Weiss France 57890 Diesen at 29.06.2020
    C'est bien comme c'est.Par internet c'est bien aussi mais ce doit être gratuit.
    Avons la possibilité de fréquenter très souvent le pays et la famille.Sommes donc
    Assez informés mais jamais de trop.norbert
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  • roger Pernet france Genève.
    roger Pernet france Genève. at 30.06.2020
    Tout est parfait et correspond a ce que je désire. Merci pour votre dévouement à notre égard. Votre revue par internet me satisfait entièrement. Cordialement: Roger Pernet.
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  • Sibylle Baumgartner, Florida, USA
    Sibylle Baumgartner, Florida, USA at 02.07.2020
    on-line is fine!
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  • Henri BOUVET France Paris
    Henri BOUVET France Paris at 08.07.2020
    Bien clair, merci
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  • Margareta Erni-Acklin, Deutschland
    Margareta Erni-Acklin, Deutschland at 11.07.2020
    Ohne kommentar
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