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If you are interested in Swiss politics and Europe, and would like to take part in a fabulous programme of recreational activities in your native country, our politics and culture camp is ideal for you.

You’ll experience Swiss politics up close at our politics and culture camp – everything is explained in simple terms and in a concise and neutral way. You will meet young politicians as well as experienced ones from different parties who hold various political positions. Visits to the Federal Palace and the parliament of Valais are also on the itinerary. To round off the political programme, we will attend the Congress of the Swiss Abroad at the La Poste culture and conference centre in Visp. This year’s theme is the mutual relationship between Switzerland and Europe.

Of course, this camp focuses not just on politics but also on your native country, which has so much to offer. Magnificent mountain scenery, fascinating historical cities and no end of culture. It goes without saying that all of this is part of an extremely diverse two-week programme. This includes mountain hikes, climbing, dinghy sailing, mountain biking, swimming, city tours and museum visits. A truly memorable experience is guaranteed.

The camp costs CHF 750 (including programme, accommodation, meals, excursions and visits), lasts from 28 July to 12 August and is aimed at young Swiss Abroad between 15 and 21 years of age. If we’ve sparked your interest, then register now!

Information about the offers for young people and to register: www.swisscommunity.org or www.aso.ch.

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