Area for the Swiss Abroad – a big thank-you to everyone who donated!

We ran a campaign from May 2015 to autumn 2016 calling upon the Swiss Abroad to make a contribution to the renovation of the Area for the Swiss Abroad on Lake Lucerne. This area was acquired in 1990 – thanks to a collection raised amongst the Swiss Abroad, which was doubled by federal government – and officially inaugurated in 1991 as part of the 700th anniversary celebrations of the Swiss Confederation.

After 25 years, usage and the passage of time have left their mark. Our area therefore underwent extensive renovation in 2016. The existing grass pavers were repaired and their area doubled, and the power distribution was brought into line with modern standards and extended. This cost a total of around 231,000 Swiss francs, most of which was provided by the canton of Schwyz and local sponsors. However, the Swiss Abroad also played their part. A total of 114 donors from every continent contributed 70,879 francs. We wish to express our most sincere gratitude to them for their support.

While the collection is over, we would be happy to accept further donations. The bank account details are:

Stiftung Auslandschweizerplatz Brunnen, Kantonalbank Schwyz,
IBAN: CH91 0077 7002 0398 2195 1, BIC: KBSZCH22XXX.

The foundation will install a donor plaque for amounts over 5,000 francs on the memorial stone marking the foundation and inauguration of the area at the entrance.

Thank you all once again.

Alex Hauenstein, President of the Area for the Swiss Abroad Foundation Board

Robert Engeler, Foundation Board member, Swiss Abroad sponsorship


The following donors made contributions:

Donations above CHF 10,000

Canton of Schwyz, Schwyz

Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Schwyz

Hürzeler Norma Lucia and Walter, Roveredo GR/Vicenza I

Käppeli Strassen- und Tiefbau AG Schwyz, Seewen-Schwyz  


Donations above CHF 1,000

Congress of the Swiss Abroad participants, Geneva

Breil-Brem A.M.K., Unterhaching D

Collegamento Svizzero in Italia, Milan I

Collegamento Svizzero in Italia congress participants, Genoa I

Gazzetta Svizzera, Lugano

Hobohm Erhard, Argentina

Küng-Stahl Monika, Cobble Hill B.C. CAN

Moser Willy, Baudoncourt F

Peter Eugen, Goiânia Brazil

Sandoz Valery, Pureaux F

Schwarz Stefan, Munich D

Schweizerverein im Fürstentum Liechteinstein, Vaduz FL

Schweizer Verein München, Munich D

Società Svizzera di Soccorso, Turin I

Swiss Club Singapore, Singapore

Swiss Society Bangkok, THA-Bangkok

Teasley Gervait Anna, Brunnen

Union des Associations Suisses de France, France

Wyss Patrick, Mexico

Zimmermann Martha, Châteauguay CAN


Other donations

Albrecht Bruno, Castelleone I 

Albrecht Marianne and Ernst, Saarbrücken D

Althaus Roman, Dossenheim D

Ambühl Leonhard, Wanneroo AUS

Anderhalden Peter, Grevenbroich D

Amicale Suisse Ledonienne, Saillenard F

Anhorn Ingeborg, Revelstoke, Canada

Aroe Isabella, Oslo N

ASO Deutschland – various donations, D

Association Hélvetique en Bourbonnais Res. Auteuil, Bellerive FR

Associazione Monte Tabor, Milan I

Auf der Maur Sylvia & Albert, Brunnen

Council of the Swiss Abroad collection, Brunnen

Bart Susanne, Stuttgart D

Bartels-Juchler Barbara and Klaus, Hamburg D

Béchade R. & M., Emmen

Bianconi Francesco, Braunschweig D

Bielefeldt Maria Katharina, Hamburg D

Blanc François, Morgins

Borner Uthai, Bangkok Thailand

Brand I.A.M. EO, Bergschenkhoek NL

Bruhlmeier Pierre & Linda, 

Brunnen Tourismus, Brunnen

Buergler B.,  Noordwijk aan Zee NL

Cercle Suisse Luxembourg, Gonderage L

Christen Dorothea, IT

Circolo Svizzero Roma, Rome I

Circolo Svizzero Trieste, Trieste I

Circolo Svizzero della Romagna, Rimini IT

De Forestier Andreas and M.-Chr., Munich D

Diggelmann Ruth, Munich D

Drache Josette & Hans-Joachim, Cologne D

Engeler Robert, Thun CH

Fartaczek Liliane, Landshut D

FOSSUK General Meeting participants, London UK

Grünenfelder Niklaus, Aarau

Gstpar Markus Prof. Dr., Germany

Gut Katrin & Sembill Detlef, 

Gysin Johannes, Guildford GB

Hamilton Charles + Schuler Traykovski Eileen, USA

Handschin Torretta Marianne, Trieste I

Hannich-Bode Ingrid, Lörrach D

Hari Monika, Loganholme AUS

Hehlgans Thomas & Monica Stolz, Wenzenbach D

Holzer Judith, Bielefeld D

Huizink Lisbeth, Parakou BJ

Inglin Martin Xaver, Rome I

Joyce Patrick, Choisy F

K. Maria, Bielefeld D

Kassack Heinrich, Wunstorf D

Kaul Peter S., Dresden D

Kelsch Ihno, D

Kraft Johann, Wasserburg D

Kurle Werner, Reichenbach D

Langlois Jacques, Magny les Hameaux F

Leuenberger Margrit, 

Mearini Paolo,  I

Mesplou Alice, Jeannet F

Michel Elisabeth, Osnabrück D

Mossu Maurice, Lavigny F

Müller Jean, Couvet NE

Naess Vreni, Chicago USA

Oppliger Otto, Jacksonville USA

Pellegrino Vito Annemarie Wyler, Verona I

Petropoulus Regula, Katoassos, GR

Pfister Hans-Joachim, Müllheim D

Reiser Paul, Bremen D

Riesen Dagmar and Horst, Willhelmshaven D

Ryffel & Ryffel AG Landschaftsarchitekten, Uster CH

Sahin Sandra and Sidki, Wittlingen D

Sandoz Valery, Puteaux F

Scatassa Eliane e Salvatore, Reitano IT

Schoch Silvia, Victoria CAN

Schwarz Gaby, 

Schweizer Klub Norwegen, Oslo N

Schweizer Klub Süden, Helden NL

Schweizerverein Vorarlberg, Lustenau A

Società Elvetica di Beneficenza, Trieste I

Società Svizzera Milano, Milan I

Stocker Karl, D

Stucky Georg, Baar CH

Stumm Dorothea, Bülach CH

Swiss Club Ireland, Ireland

Verzar Monika, Trieste I

Weber William & Annick, Emmen CH

Weymuth Susanna Genoveva, Buenos Aires

Wirth Chantal, Bad Nauheim D

Wyss Rosita, Bietigheim D

Zonneveld-Farine I.E., Hellevoetsluis NL

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    Bertiz Benhamid at 15.07.2017
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