The Area for the Swiss Abroad in Brunnen needs your contribution

In 1988/1989, the most beautiful area on Lake Lucerne was purchased thanks to a large collection campaign amongst the Swiss Abroad and with the help of federal government and local institutions. The 5,400 m2 site opposite the Rütli meadow is the only location from which most of Lake Lucerne can be seen. It was one of the main venues for the Swiss confederation’s 700-year anniversary celebrations. On 1 August 1991, the Federal Council visited the area as a guest of the Swiss Abroad which erected a Botta tent especially for the occasion.

It’s our area - the Area for the Swiss Abroad. Pay it a visit when you’re in Switzerland with the family or as part of a society trip. Our new website shows you the area and provides suggestions of activities available in the surrounding area. Our area is also the starting and finishing point of the Swiss Path, a hike through “all cantons” of Switzerland. The Area for the Swiss Abroad and the Swiss Path are virtually all that remains of the 700-year anniversary celebrations.

Everything needs to be maintained including the Area for the Swiss Abroad. Rental income does not cover expenditure. In the past the shortfall has mainly been made up by contributions from the authorities and companies in the region.

After 25 years, the area is now in need of major renovation to ensure the grass is not damaged each time it is used intensively. This requires the fitting of additional grass pavers; the electrical installations must be upgraded. This will enhance the area’s attractiveness and greatly improve its rental potential. The total cost of this work is estimated at 220,000 Swiss francs. The authorities and companies in the region will again make a major contribution and various funding organisations have also been approached. However, as Swiss Abroad we should also dig deep into our pockets and make a contribution to our area. By making a donation, you will be supporting the voluntary work of the founders and help make the symbol of Swiss Abroad more attractive and enable greater use to be made of it.

We therefore ask you to send a contribution to the following bank account or charging your credit card using the form below (print version only):

Stiftung Auslandschweizerplatz, CH-6440 Brunnen, Schwyzer Kantonalbank, Schwyz, IBAN CH91 0077 7002 0398 2195 1

In a future edition of the Swiss Review we shall publish the list of the sponsors.

Kind regards

Alex Hauenstein, Chairman of the foundation board of the area for the swiss abroad in Brunnen

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  • Gerber François
    Gerber François at 13.02.2016
    C'est vrai qu'elle est belle cette place, d'autant plus que l'on a une vue magnifique sur les montagnes de la Suisse primitive.
    Contribuer financièrement en tant que Suisse de l'Etranger, OUI, tout de suite, si j'ai le droit d'y planter ma tente et de rester quelques jours dans mon pays d'origine.
    Car, quel pourcentage sur 700000 Suisses de l'étranger peuvent s'offrir des vacances dans leur propre pays?
    La France et bien d'autres pays du monde accueillent leurs concitoyens de l'étranger dans de beaux établissements à des tarifs en rapport à leurs finances.Nous on a une place à Brunnen, pas un toit, pas le droit d'y camper, un paradoxe, une contradiction avec la soi-disant richesse du pays.Les Anglais qui ont tant aidés la Suisse ont un proverbe:PLUS LA MONTAGNE EST HAUTE PLUS L'HERBE EST COURTE!! et pourquoi la générosité ne commencerait-elle pas par soi-même!! merci de réagir!!
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    Michèle ETTLIN MOLLATTE at 02.03.2016
    Tiens ! François, vous continuez la discussion commencée en mai 2013 sur ?
    Nous avions longuement parlé du Auslandschweizer-Home de Dürrenaesch (1956-1979)dont vous aviez gardé la nostalgie. Faute de grive, on mange du merle, d'où l'idée de camper sur la place de Brunnen... je vois que vous avez de la suite dans les idées (et de la persévérance)!
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