A game featuring works of art

Works of art should not just be admired on museum walls or perhaps in a book, you should also be able to enjoy art as part of a game. This is the conclusion drawn by the management at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel. Together with gaming specialists, they have developed a card game called “Speed Art”.

In playing the game the famous masterpieces from the Fondation’s collection can and indeed have to be looked at and analysed with less reverence. For example, players have to spot similarities in works by Van Gogh and Cézanne. Or they have to identify motifs and styles in individual pieces and relate them to other works as quickly as possible. The ability to look closely and powers of recognition are two key skills. The winner is not necessarily the player who knows and understands most about art. The game requires a keen eye and deft hand. It poses a real challenge for children aged eight and over as well as adults.


“Speed Art” is available from the Fondation Beyeler’s Art Shop both in the museum and online. Price: CHF 16.90 Instructions and documents available in German, French, Italian and English. www.shop.fondationbeyeler.ch

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  • Erica Humbert-Droz
    Erica Humbert-Droz at 13.02.2016
    Ou "Jouer pour apprendre"!
    Il y a quelques années, j'ai créé un jeu éducatif illustré de 135 cartes: Voile-Mime!
    Tout en jouant, vous apprenez à connaître une partie du vocabulaire marin en FRANÇAIS (ou en anglais), les noms qui définissent ce qui concerne le bateau - le voilier : gréement, le matelotage, voiles, armement etc...
    - Entièrement non verbal, les joueurs miment l'objet, l'action ou la situation décrite sur la carte.
    - En plus du vocabulaire, le jeu fait intervenir le langage (il faut trouver le nom en expliquant), l'expression corporelle (celui qui mime) et la bonne humeur!
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  • Mildred Rothschild
    Mildred Rothschild at 05.04.2016
    yes, it only costs 16 Swiss francs but the postage to the USA is 65 swiss franks.

    Is there somewhere in the USA or online where it can be purchased?

    write the reply to mbr39@earthlink.net
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