Abolishing dual citizenship

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) wants to ban dual citizenship in Switzerland. In three cantons, Basel-Landschaft, Zug and Nidwalden, SVP MPs are calling on the canton to submit a cantonal initiative so the federal government amends the Swiss Citizenship Act accordingly. Lukas Reimann, the SVP National Councillor from St. Gallen, has also submitted a motion. He wants to ensure that citizens from countries that do not allow Swiss citizens to hold dual citizenship are in turn not entitled to dual citizenship. The justification of the proposals: dual citizenship undermines loyalty to Switzerland and is detrimental to integration. This opinion is clearly shared by Roland Rino Büchel, the OSA Executive Board member and SVP National Councillor, who asked the Federal Council how many dual citizens are performing military service with the Swiss Border Guard and whether loyalty issues existed. A ban on dual citizenship would be a big blow to the Swiss Abroad: 73 % of the 750,000 Swiss Abroad have dual nationality.

Initiative target reached

Enough signatures have been collected for a vote on the popular initiative “Schweizer Recht statt fremde Richter” (Swiss law instead of foreign judges). SVP President Toni Brunner announced at the beginning of October that his organisation had gathered 110,000 signatures. Those behind the initiative are demanding that national law takes precedence over international law in Switzerland. The initiative primarily seeks to prevent the European Court of Human Rights finding fault with Swiss popular initiatives if they infringe upon international law.

Naturalised citizens integrate better

A study conducted by the universities of Zurich, Stanford and Mannheim, which was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, has concluded that naturalised citizens integrate better and more quickly into society. The researchers found that the naturalisation of immigrants acted as a catalyst for integration for all groups analysed – from well educated to poorly educated.

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  • Ernst  Ruetimann , Trang
    Ernst Ruetimann , Trang at 10.11.2015
    Ich war schon immer der Meinung , dass die Zahl der wahren Auslandschweizer viel weniger hoch ist wie die angegebenen 750'000 .- Zieht man die Doppelbuerger , und die zeitweiligen Ex - Pat wie Studierende , Arbeiter fuer eine CH Firma , Botschaftsangestellte u.s.w. ab - bleiben nur noch die effektiv ausgewanderten Eidgenossen mit staendigem Wohnsitz in fremden Laendern .- Das duerfte so um die 150'000 Leute sein .-
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  • Dominique Schneider
    Dominique Schneider at 21.11.2015
    L'UDC veut interdire la double nationalité !

    Une fois de plus on peut contempler la pauvreté d'esprit de ce parti. Que du populisme électoral. Même les dictatures ne l'interdisent pas !

    Mes 2 enfants sont doubles-nationaux (suisse et Français) depuis leur naissance et ils en sont fiers. Ils votent à chaque élection aussi bien en Suisse qu'en France et suivent autant le suisse Roger Federer que le français Florent Manaudou, et j'en passe.
    Ma fille travaille dans le social en Suisse et mon fils dans la santé en Suisse aussi. Moi-même je suis double-national et ça ne m'empêche pas de faire mon travail dans la sécurité en Suisse avec conviction et dévouement, comme beaucoup de mes collègues de travail.
    Bref, comme disait Einstein, 2 choses seulement sont infinies: l'univers et la bêtise humaine, mais je ne suis pas certain de la première...

    A bon entendeur.
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