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Is Switzerland the country of chocolate? Answer: Yes. Is Switzerland the country of democracy? Answer: No. Is Switzerland the country of security and peace? Answer: Yes and no. These are 3 of 25 questions about Switzerland to which we find answers in Credit Suisse’s recently published “Bulletin”. There is currently little good news to report about Swiss banks, which is why an exception is being highlighted here. “Bulletin”, as the subtitle points out, is the oldest bank magazine in the world. We do not know what the first edition looked like 120 years ago, but “Bulletin” has been a real treasure trove for some years now. 25 questions about Switzerland are answered in the latest edition. The answers are short to medium in length, sometimes humorous, often clever and occasionally critical. The edition also contains the “2014 Worry ­Barometer”, a survey on the concerns of the Swiss. What is great about “Bulletin” –  even though you may not agree with every article – is the fact that it appears in several languages (en, de, fr, it) and is free of charge. (BE)

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