Embarking upon education and training

The 2014/15 academic year is soon set to begin in Switzerland. Trainees have already started work at their companies. University students will attend their first lectures in a few weeks.

The educationsuisse – Education and Training in Switzerland team: Fiona Scheidegger, Director (left in photo) and Ruth von Gunten

Many young Swiss abroad come to their native country each year for education and training. Most are well organised beforehand. However, it is often only later that they realise that the cost of living in Switzerland is high and may exceed what their families can afford.

Young Swiss abroad generally have the opportunity to apply for a grant from their canton of origin. Grants are awarded on the basis of parental income and family circumstances. The grant system is run by the cantons in Switzerland. This means there are 26 different sets of grant regulations, and submission deadlines vary greatly. Trainees and students who now wish to apply for a grant should contact the relevant office immediately for information. 

The Education and Training in Switzerland department at educationsuisse advises young Swiss abroad and provides assistance with grant applications. Fiona Scheidegger and Ruth von Gunten would be pleased to provide you with further information.

Education and Training in Switzerland

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