Editorial Team

Marko Lehtinen (Editor-in-Chief)

Marko Lehtinen was appointed editor-in-chief of “Swiss Review” in November 2015. He was previously managing director and chief editor of the free newspaper “Baslerstab”. During his journalistic career he has also been employed by “Radio Basel 1” and worked as culture editor of “Mittelland Zeitung” and “Basler Zeitung”, primarily covering culture and working as a producer. This native of Basel with Finnish roots also wrote articles about music for many years for daily newspapers, such as “Neue Luzerner Zeitung”, “Südostschweiz”, “Sonntagszeitung”, “Bieler Tagblatt”, “St. Galler Tagblatt” and “Bund”.

Patricia Weber (Editorial Assistant)

Patricia Weber has been editorial assistant at “Swiss Review” since december 2014. Her pivotal role involves contact with readers, the central and regional editorial teams, the committee, graphic designers, translators and proofreaders. She is also responsible for advertising and management of the website.

Stéphane Herzog (Editor)

Stéphane Herzog has worked on a freelance basis for various publications in French-speaking Switzerland and as a correspondent for the Agence Télégraphique Suisse (ats) in Geneva. He managed the monthly title "Repère social" and was involved in the launch of the www.reiso.org website. He has also managed the careers supplement of "Le Temps", a newspaper for which he has worked since 2013. Recent investigations include: the position of the Roma people in Switzerland and Europe, tobacco multinationals and electronic cigarettes, and the precarious working conditions of some physicists on secondment at CERN.

Marc Lettau (Editor)

Marc Lettau has been part of the editorial team of “Swiss Review” since June 2011. He lives in Berne and has spent many years working part-time as an editor on the daily newspaper “Bund”. Marc Lettau has family roots in Bulgaria and close ties with the Swiss abroad community as members of his family have lived in Tasmania for many years.

Jürg Müller (Editor)

Jürg Müller has been with “Swiss Review” as an editor focussing on federal politics since the beginning of 2013. He began his journalistic career at a number of Bernese newspapers. He later worked for the Swiss news agency SDA and as an editor and section chief at the “Bund”, a daily newspaper in Berne. He has been a freelance journalist since 2010.

Peter Zimmerli (Editor of “news.admin.ch”)

After taking up employment with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) in 1985, Peter Zimmerli was working during his career in Berne, in Brazil, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany, Italy and Singapore. On August 1st, 2013 he has taken up his duties at the Consular Directorate of the FDFA as Delegate for Relations with the Swiss Abroad.


Franz Herzog (Graphic Designer)

Before establishing himself as a freelance magazine graphic designer in Zurich, Franz Herzog was responsible for the layout of the highly regarded cultural magazine “DU” for many years. These days, his responsibilities include the visual presentation of “Swiss Review”.


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